ACCDS :- Introduction

The Anglican Christian Community Development Services (ACCDS) was formed in 2008 as a wing of the church for development. The ACCDS is a Non-Governmental Christian Organization committed to empowering pastoral and community leaders in the region and Africa. The ACCDS is registered as REG. No. 1,132 by the government of South Sudan, Ministry of Legal Affairs and Constitutional Development.

Goal :-

The ACCDS goal is to develop committed and responsible leaders for the African continent through education, training, and mentoring.

Vision :-

ACCDS vision is to strengthen the church, the body of Christ so that we have a lasting transformational impact on the society. Therefore, ACCDS will work to develop the leadership potential in both men and women through spiritual nurturing, skills acquisition and economic empowerment.  Therefore, ACCDS is the wing of the church in South Sudan that purposes to develop it members both spiritually and physically for the growth of the Kingdom of God as well as the good of society.