Rt Rev. Peter Bol Arok who is an upcoming South Sudanese writer hoping to reach the South Sudanese community living in Sudan and all over the world was born 1956 and brought up in a humble background without the privileges of life, like attending school in his early years. However, this did not deter him fom taking on his dream of one day writing a book in English. Therefore, in 1975 he joined Adult Education in Sudan where Education was offered to those adults willing to learn. He was baptised in 1976 and married his wife Elizabeth in 1979 and God bless has bless them with five children, two girls and three boys 

In 1982 he was appointed as an evangelist and in 1986 he went to Ethiopia where he established churches for the local communities. In 1988, he was ordained as a pastor and in 1989 he was invited to Dimo Refugee Camp where he baptised 650 people in a single day. In 1993 he was appointed as archdeacon of Wangulei and Maar and Paliau He has put effort in his studies and by the grace of God he managed to graduated from Pan African Christian University with a bachalor of art in theology in 2005. in the same year he joined the Anglican church of Kenya and later in 2006 he was consecrated as suffragan Bishop of Twic area in South Sudan under Nakuru Diocese in 2010, he was commissioned as a missionary Bishop to South Sudan by the most Rev. Dr. Eliud Wabukala, Archbishop of the Anglican of the Kenya.

His Book Challenge of life: God’s Rescue Through Prayer focuses primarily on the day to day challenges of life and the power of prayer to every believer. It intends to show and teach the believers that regardless of what is going through, there is no better way to stand strong than by turning to God in prayer. The life of Rt. Rev Peter Bol Arok has been clearly depicted in this book which among other things, reveals the most important events in his life, the hardships he has gone through and how victorious he has come out of them by the grace of God. 

Aside from focusing on the challenges of life, the book also tries to show that leaders are not made by any one not even by our sheer determination, conducive situations and positive ambition but God.

He has met many people who have played an enormous part in realising the success in his life. All these people are mentioned in the book and are most appreciated. Aside he has put emphasis on the life in South Sudan, the youngest nation in the world, the civil war that lasted decades until SPLA leader Dr. John Garang united the people to be free. His hope and dream is to have an impact on the lives of the people of South Sudan, write many books that will help change the lives of millions of the people in his home country South Sudan, Africa and beyond.

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