Our Sunday School

Our Sunday School is very active, they are taught on how to read the bible and how to pray. They are also taught how to play music and perform drama during church occasions. Our goal is to help the children learn how to praise and worship the Almighty God thereby laying a solid foundation of faith to be developed later in life.

The Mothers Union

The Mothers Union of the Anglican Church of South Sudan has done a lot especially during the war time in South Sudan. They visited the sick in hospital, visited prisoners and prayed for them, the mothers union are trying, working hard to bring change to the community.

The Mothers Union is involved in the following :-

Bible Study — They pray, fellowship together on Tuesday, Thursday, Saturday through Bible study.

Small Business Ventures — These women have started small business ventures where some of them have skills from training like soap making and tie-n-dye. They are also trained in Christian financial stewardship. The mothers union is looking forward to building it members capacity and therefore seeks support from donors and others strategic partners to support them with capital to begin with through micro-credit provision.